“IFA has been a big benefit to us,” Tim said. “They test our feed and change our rations. I haven’t had a milk crash—that just hasn’t happened to me and I give them a lot of credit. It’s been good and very good since IFA came along to help us.”

Tim Lunday | Lunday Dairy | Cornish, Utah

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“[Cattle] grow at a better rate. They put on better gain on weight every year. It just makes for a healthier animal and when you have a healthier animal it makes things a lot easier for things to work.”

John Cannon | Cannon Angus Ranch | Preston, Idaho | Talking about custom mineral package and overall animal nutrition

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“We needed a partner who was clever and skilled in feed manufacturing and were grateful they were willing to support the project.”

Dr. J. Bret Taylor| A research animal scientist with the USDA, U.S. Sheep Experiment Station near Dubois, Idaho where he focuses on creating unique feed products that reduce mineral deficiencies in livestock.

“[IFA] doesn’t just push product, but cares about us and our end results and that shows from start to finish. Our whole objective is to have custom feed so we can control what’s in it and we’re really happy with the feed they make for us.”

Hank Franzen | Powder River Rodeo | Riverton, Wyoming

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“We lean on their wisdom with many of our decisions to purchase commodities, diagnose problems or bounce ideas. I am not a farmer, so some things that come naturally to some, I have to lean on IFA to help make my decisions and we all appreciate that.”

Brigham Ball | Intermountain Bison | Idaho Falls, Idaho

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“We’ve dealt with IFA and Utah Poultry all my life. From fertilizers and grains to supplies, we appreciate IFA and all the services they provide for us.”

Gilbert (Gib) Yardley| Yardley Cattle Company | Beaver, Utah

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