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  1. How to Create an Online eCommerce Account as an IFA Member or Account Holder 
  2. How to Create an Online eCommerce Personal Account for Individuals 
  3. How to Create an Online eCommerce Account for Businesses 
  4. What's the Process After Making Purchases Online? 
  5. How to View Your Profile and Change Your Store for Purchases 
  6. How to Return Online Purchases 
  7. How to Add/Change Your Tax Exempt Number with IFA Accounts 

How To Create an Online eCommerce Account
as an existing IFA Co-op Member or Account Holder

If you are an IFA Co-op member, signing up for and creating an online account allows your online purchases to count toward future patronage. You can still shop at IFA's e-commerce store if you do not create an online account, however these purchases will not be tied to your membership account for future patronage.

Creating your online profile allows all IFA account holders to track purchases by providing an invoice history online, make payments online towards IFA credit accounts, and save products to a favorites list or cart for future purchases.

How is an online account different than an IFA Account?

As a farmers cooperative, IFA offers cash, revolving and credit/charge accounts to our co-op members and other account holders. These accounts offer varying degrees of benefits, however, they are all different from an online account. An online account allows you to make purchases online, whereas the others do not. However, your online account can be connected with your IFA account, allowing online purchases to count towards your IFA account benefits.

Steps to Creating an Online Account

  1. First, visit or click “My Account” in the top right corner and then “Register” at the bottom of the login window
  2. As an IFA member or account holder, select “I already have an IFA account and need an online account” on the registration page. (This is a very important step to ensure your online account is connected to your existing IFA account)
  3. Enter your existing IFA Account Number and the email address or phone number associated with your IFA account (This step is included to verify you as the IFA account holder)
    1. Notice: Account Email is already selected, but if you prefer the phone number, select the radio dial to the right. If you do not know your email address or phone number associated with your existing IFA account, email us at [email protected] or call 801.908.1233 for assistance. (We will provide you with the info you need and/or update the contact info in our system when/if necessary)
  4. After adding your IFA Account Number and the associated email or phone number to the form field, check to make sure the information is correct and then click the red “submit” button below
  5. In final step of online registration, complete all of the form fields with your first name, last name, preferred email address, mobile phone number and preferred password (This info will help us contact you with pick up information after making purchases)
  6. The email address you enter on this page will be your Username/ID to login to your online account (We encourage you to write down your login information and store it in a safe location for future logins)
  7. The password must contain the following:
    1. A minimum of 8 characters
    2. At least one number
    3. At least one lower case character
    4. At least one uppercase character
    5. At least one special character such as a star or exclamation point
  8. Click “I Accept” in the right hand corner when all of the fields are completed

It will take just a moment for your online account to process. Please wait and do not close the browser. After it’s done processing, the screen will display a “Registration request submitted successfully” message confirming that your IFA account is now connected to your online account.

Now that your registration has been submitted successfully, start shopping all of your favorite lawn, garden, farm, ranch and pet supplies online for easy pick up at your local store. Thanks for creating your IFA online account. For more questions related to your IFA account, contact [email protected] or call 801.908.1233. For anything related to our website, email questions to [email protected] or visit the Contact Us page.

How To Add/Change Your Tax Exempt Number with IFA Accounts

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