Growing Tools

Growing starts with the right tools. Seed, soil amendments and crop protection products all play an integral role in crop production. IFA Agronomy offers the products and services proven to help you grow the things you love in intermountain environments.

Plant & Soil Nutrition Products

IFA Agronomy custom bulk fertilizers are blended to meet the specific nutrient requirements for a given crop on a given soil type with a guarantee analysis to within half of a percent of the blend ticket. All IFA fertilizers are tested and approved for quality by our team of agronomy experts and CCA’s to ensure performance in the field. Contact an IFA Agronomy expert to discuss custom blend fertilizers and GPS precision applications available through IFA as well as micronutrient and soil additives and enhancement products.

Commonly preferred products:

Custom blend and bulk fertilizers are only available for purchase through an IFA Agronomy Center. Contact your IFA Agronomy Salesman to get started with fertilizer recommendations and applications.

  • Agrotain® Nitrogen Stabilizer – Agrotain Nitrogen Stabilizer helps growers protect their nitrogen investment to optimize yield potential while minimizing environmental impact. Agrotain is ideal for yield optimization in areas where nitrogen loss is a limiting factor.

  • Micro 500 – This liquid micronutrient fertilizer is easy to apply and covers multiple micronutrient requirements, providing plants with an essential boost of zinc, manganese, iron, copper and boron.

  • High NRG-N – Improves the nitrogen content of soil at lower volumes and cost while producing quality and yields comparable to crops grown with conventional nitrogen sources. Proprietary technology protects the High NRGN-N nitrogen to reduce losses from leaching and volatility while allowing the product to be tank mixed with other nutrients and crop protection products.

  • Pro-Germinator – A premier phosphorus fertilizer that uses a blend of phosphate, nitrogen, potash and iron to maximize crop response at critical growth stages. The combination of quick-release phosphates with slow-release, carbon-protected, polymer phosphates, promotes exceptional growth early on, helping plants flourish through reproductive stages.

  • Aqua-Drive – Aqua-Drive is a soil wetting agent that helps conserve water, reduces puddling and promotes healthier crops through improved penetration of irrigation water. A non-ionic surfactant, Aqua-Drive helps water flow into soil by reducing the surface tension of water by 60%. This allows more water to penetrate the soil and enter the root zone where plants can utilize the nutrients.

Crop Protection Products

IFA Agronomy offers leading crop protection products to help eliminate weeds, insects and other pests that may threaten your crop. Available products include: adjuvants, fungicides, herbicides, inoculants and insecticides. Talk to an IFA Agronomy expert or schedule an on-farm consultation with one of our CCA’s for crop protection recommendations.

Common product types:

  • Adjuvants – Adjuvants enhance the effectiveness of pesticides, herbicides, and other crop protection products by improving the spreading, penetration, and retention of products on the plant surface. Adjuvants can also assist in reducing spray drift and improving the uptake of nutrients, leading to better crop quality and yield.

  • Fungicides – Fungicides protect crops from fungal diseases that can significantly reduce yield and quality. These chemicals work by inhibiting the growth and reproduction of fungi, preventing infection and damage to plants.

  • Herbicides – Herbicides are an important tool for improving crop yields and quality. These products inhibit the growth and reproduction of weeds and unwanted plants, preventing them from competing with crops for resources and reducing yields.

  • Inoculants – Inoculants are microorganisms, such as bacteria or fungi, that are added to the soil or seed to improve plant growth and health. These microorganisms can help fix nitrogen in the soil, making it more available to the plants and enhance the uptake of other nutrients such as phosphorus and potassium. Inoculants can also improve soil structure and reduce the risk of diseases and pests.

  • Insecticides – Insecticides are a critical component of agronomy and crop production to help protect crops from damaging insects. These chemicals work by killing or repelling unwanted pests to prevent them from feeding on crop plants.

Pesticide and insecticide products are available for purchase at your IFA Country Store. For best results, contact your agronomy salesman for recommendations and access to all crop protection products and application equipment. Stop by your local IFA Agronomy Center to speak with a certified crop advisor and start implementing an effective Integrated Pest Management system.

Quality Seed for Intermountain Growers

A quality crop starts with quality seed. IFA Agronomy supplies growers with top quality seed mixes selected for performance in intermountain climates and soil. Only the highest quality varieties of seed are included in our IFA pasture mixes to provide the most benefit to animals. Choose from IFA’s selection of corn, alfalfa, grain, grass and specialty seeds to find the mix that fits your specific needs. Contact an IFA Agronomy expert for seed consultations and recommendations.

Commonly preferred products:

Select IFA seed is available for purchase at your IFA Country Store. Specialty seed blends and bulk seed orders must be purchased through an IFA Agronomy Center.

  • Prosper 3-way Forage Mix – A 3-way forage mixture from Haystack Mountain patterned after a traditional 3-Grain Forage blend that combines Beardless Barley, Beardless Wheat and Oats. Intended for fall or winter sowing.

  • HarvXtra® Alfalfa – HarvXtra Alfalfa provides growers with a flexible cutting window and exceptional forage quality while Roundup Ready technology ensures strong weed control and stand establishment, giving growers flexibility – not limits.

  • IFA Centennial Alfalfa – As a top-performing variety in any area or soil, IFA’s Centennial Alfalfa produces high quality forage with resistance to common alfalfa pests for increased yields and plant quality.

  • IFA Rancher’s Special Alfalfa – IFA’s Rancher’s Special Alfalfa is widely adapted to a variety of climates and soil types. As our most economical seed, the Rancher’s Special Alfalfa is a great choice for planting by itself or combining with a pasture seed mix for an ideal forage.  

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  • IFA Grass-Fed Beef Irrigated Pasture Seed MixA premium irrigated seed mix blended for nutritional performance in free-range, grass-fed livestock perfect for any size farm. This IFA mix of Orchardgrass, Tall Fescue, Ryegrass and Timothy performs best in areas that receive 12" or more annual precipitation or irrigation. 

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  • IFA Horse Pasture Seed Mix – A palatable grass mix designed for the nutritional needs of horses. This premium irrigated seed mix is a specialty blend of Orchardgrass, Ryegrass, Bluegrass, Timothy and Brome ideal for areas that receive 15" or more annual precipitation or irrigation.  

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  • IFA Dryland Pasture Seed Mix – Specially blended with top performing seed varieties for intermountain climates. IFA Dryland Pasture Seed is a hardy mix of Wheatgrass, Brome, Orchardgrass, Wildrye and Alfalfa especially suited for performance in areas with 10-13” of annual precipitation or irrigation.  

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