Growing Better Crops One Field at a Time

IFA Agronomy provides the services and tools to help grow the crops you love. With expert advice and on-farm consultations, IFA Agronomy provides the soil nutrition, pest management and crop recommendations and products that your farm needs to succeed.

Services (IFA in the Fields)

Soil Testing and Management

Maximizing the yield and quality of any crop starts with properly-balanced and healthy soil. Knowing your soil needs can be tricky, so don’t leave the coming year’s yield to chance. IFA’s Agronomy team offers on-farm consultations and soil testing to provide you with informed fertilizer and management recommendations.

Pest Management

IFA crop advisors are an excellent resource to help develop and implement an Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM) in your fields. With the right tools and technology, IFA experts can help you effectively identify problem pests and implement an effective strategy to protect your crops.

Fertilizer Application and Blending

IFA helps give your soil the specific nutrients it needs with custom blend fertilizers. Rest assured that your fields are taken care of with guaranteed analysis for your given soil types within half a percent. IFA fertilizers are tested and approved as a quality product with trusted results.

Crop Selection, Seed Consultations and Custom Mixes

Growing the right crops specific to your needs and area makes a major difference come harvest time. IFA crop advisors can help you select the best crops for your operation and provide you with the high quality seeds and custom mixes that will help you grow.

Future Planning and Crop Management Consultations

Ensure the success of your operation for years to come with future planning and crop management consultations with an IFA certified crop expert. IFA agronomy experts are available to help analyze your fields for nutritional value and provide you with informed crop management decisions to help meet your specific needs and goals.

Benefits (See the Growth)

Healthier Soil

Growing starts with healthy, productive soil. IFA Agronomy joins you in the fields to provide informed recommendations and custom-mixed fertilizers that enrich your soil with the nutrients it needs.

More Productive Crops

Increase production and yields with the proper tools and insights. IFA Agronomy helps you grow more productive crops that are suited to your specific area and operation needs.

Access to Resources

As a member of the IFA co-op, you have access to IFA’s in-house team of Certified Crop Advisors and IFA’s custom fertilizer blends as well as special financing options. These resources are readily available to you to help grow the fields you love.