Quality and Safety in Every Bite

Proper feed and nutrition is essential to ensuring the health and safety of livestock. IFA locally milled feeds are all produced with the highest level of quality assurance so producers know that their livestock are receiving the best and safest feeds. Our expert nutritionists and dedicated feed teams work tirelessly to evaluate each IFA milled feed to ensure it is the safest and most nutritious for your animals.

IFA Feed Quality Standards

To ensure that IFA members are receiving the best and most nutritious feed, IFA upholds stringent standards on the quality of ingredients brought into our mills as well as on the feed products sent out to our producers.

Ensuring Quality (Quality Controls)


To ensure the safety and quality of each IFA Feed, orders are carefully sequenced or scheduled. Sequencing is done to ensure ingredients and mixes are safe for the species they are intended for and prevent contamination of the feed products.


Flushes or thorough cleaning of the mills is essential to ensuring a safe, quality product. Mills are flushed according to the mills sequencing to ensure no ingredients could potentially contaminate the wrong feed. Mills are also carefully flushed between medicated feed blends to avoid spreading the medication to other feed orders.

Feed Sampling:

Samples of IFA feed products as well as ingredients are taken at random for nutrition and quality testing. These samples are used to ensure the quality of IFA feed products as well as generating custom mixed feed formulas that complement a livestock ration.

Product Grading: 

IFA takes pride in the safety and quality of our feeds. To ensure feeds are up to our expectations samples are pulled from every batch for grading to ensure our feeds are up to standard.

Pellet Testing:

IFA pelleted feeds undergo Pellet Durability Index (PDI) testing in which samples of a pellet feed forgo intense pressure tests under extreme movement. After testing the sample is analyzed based on how well it maintained its pelleted form as well as how much waste was present and given a grade based on these results.

Ingredient Expectations:

The best feeds start with high quality ingredients. To ensure a quality product IFA requires ingredient suppliers to meet our minimum standards on key products such as corn. Each load of ingredients is assessed for quality at the mill and random samples are pulled for nutrition analysis.

Medicated Feeds: 

Each IFA Feed Mill is equipped to mix medicated feeds. To ensure the safety of each IFA product mills are thoroughly cleaned between medicated feed orders to ensure no medications are transferred to additional feed products. Medicated feed mixes may require a Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) before the order can be processed. Due to the nature of medicated feed orders longer lead times are also necessary to ensure proper sequencing and flushing of the mill.

Feed Mill Certifications

To ensure a quality product IFA maintains the highest standards of care in our feed products and mills. With the assurance of quality, IFA Feed Mills each maintain certification by notable quality and safety organizations including:

  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • Safe Feed/Safe Food
  • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)