Ready to Grow Your Career?

As a cooperative, IFA’s team of industry experts proudly support
intermountain producers by helping grow the things they love, including
livestock, crops, gardens, lawns, pets and more. Join IFA’s team to start
building your career as an industry expert while helping others grow.

IFA Culture: Cultivating a Lifestyle

IFA strives to cultivate a work culture that is true to the rural way of life that our co-op
members live every day. With honesty, trust and the value of hard work at IFA’s core, we
put the needs of our members—and all growers—ahead of profits. We pride ourselves
on the knowledge and experience of our team members and like a true rural neighbor,
we are always there to lend a helping hand to each other and to our communities.

Finding the Perfect Fit

Finding a job that fits your interests is easy with IFA’s many divisions each serving a slightly different aspect of agriculture. Whatever
your interests or expertise, there’s always room to grow with IFA.

Agronomy Division

If you enjoy getting your boots dirty and spending time in the fields then a career with our IFA Agronomy might suit
you. Apply your expertise to help producers grow healthier crops as a Certified Crop Advisor or as a member of our
Agronomy sales team.

Feed and Nutrition Division

If helping livestock meet their genetic potential sounds like a dream to you then IFA Feed and Nutrition is the place. Offer personalized feed recommendations to help grow the healthiest livestock as a member of our Feed and Nutrition sales team or help craft those quality feeds at IFA’s various feed mills.

Farm Supply Division

If you enjoy working face-to-face with producers then you might consider joining our Farm Supply team at one of our retail locations. Build relationships with the agricultural community by providing helpful tips and tools in your chosen area of expertise by joining the team at our various IFA Country Store branches.

Additional Opportunities: Wholesale, Warehouse and Co–op Marketing

Still not sure where you fit? IFA employs warehouse team members who help keep IFA products moving throughout the co-op’s distribution center and branches. Work with our IFA members as a member of the co-op’s marketing team or get acquainted with our extensive B2B network by joining our wholesale or turf and landscape teams.

Career Opportunities

We’re always looking to grow our team. Explore all of our current openings:

Why Join IFA

Community Oriented

IFA has built a century-long legacy of serving the needs of farmers, ranchers and backyard growers across the intermountain west. Be a part of continuing this rich history in our local communities.

Cultivating an Ag Lifestyle

Be part of a co-op that understands the value agriculture provides to our daily lives. As a stalwart in the agricultural community, we exist to help support farmers and promote a rural lifestyle.

Grow Your Passion for Growing

Our team is passionate about helping others to grow the things they love because we’re producers, too. We live an agricultural lifestyle. We love it. The tips and advice we provide are sought after because it’s our passion. This background gives us the authority to offer guidance both in stores and in the field.

Strong, Supportive Culture

As a farmer’s cooperative operated by those we serve, people are put ahead of profits. We’ve created a supportive network of inclusion consisting of our amazing members, patrons and customers.

Career Advancement

We empower our team from within to further their education and expand their skill sets within each role. IFA strives to grow our team members’ knowledge and expertise by providing annual training for employees on department topics and new products as well as by offering certification programs.

Benefits to Meet Today’s Needs

Taking care of our team is an important part of how we care for the rest of the community. Our benefits include: Medical, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance, Long Term Disability, 401k, PTO, Employee Assistance Program, Flexible spending account, health savings account

Employee Discounts

Do you have chickens, horses, pets, a garden, etc.? Care for what you love and enjoy a discount as an employee.

Closed Sundays

So that everyone has a day to rest, all locations are closed on Sundays, including our retail stores.

Growing & Teaching

“I love the lifestyle of being able to grow plants and animals along with helping teach others do the same.”

Bryan Coulter, Associate V.P., IFA Country Store Operations

Amazing People

“Take care of the customer and they will take care of you. I like to work with amazing people who are optimistic and ready to tackle a new challenge. I enjoy working with teams who have common values and goals and are working for the same end results and success.”

Dennis Christensen, M.S., PAS, Bagged Feed and Mineral Sales Specialist

Ag Community

“I was raised in the agricultural community and always had a desire to be a part of it. On top of that I enjoy working at IFA because of the organization's principles.”

Cody Wilson, CCA, Southern Utah Agronomy Center