Uncovering Genetic Potential One Feed at a Time

IFA feed services and products provide the best nutrition to help grow the animals you love. Quality IFA feed services ensure animals are receiving the proper balanced nutrition from feeds carefully produced with safe, quality ingredients.

Services (How We Help Your Livestock Grow)

On Farm Feed and Nutrition Analysis

Feed sampling and analysis is available for producers interested in ordering custom or bulk feeds from IFA. IFA Feed Sales Representatives pull on-farm samples of available feed for nutrition testing. These tests help the Feed representatives make accurate nutrition recommendations or may be referred to an in-house Nutritionist for use in formulating a custom mix for the producer.

Formulated Feeds

Custom feed formulation and mixing services are available for producers. IFA Feed Sales Representatives work directly with producers to analyze their nutrition needs and in-house nutritionists formulate feed mixes to help optimize livestock rations. Each feed is blended and made to order at one of IFA’s feed mills as a quality texturized, pelleted or whole feed.

Medicated Feeds

IFA feed mills are certified and equipped to mix and distribute medicated feeds. When ordering a medicated feed you may need to obtain a Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) before the order can be processed.

Bulk Tote and Bagged Feeds

IFA produces quality bulk totes and specialized bagged feeds can be purchased at IFA Country Store locations. Specialized bagged feeds are all formulated by our in-house animal nutritionists for a variety of species and are crafted with high quality ingredients at IFA’s feed mills. Bagged as well as bulk tote feeds can be purchased or ordered through your local IFA Country Store.


IFA offers scheduled pickup as well as on-farm delivery services for bulk feed orders. Scheduled pickup and delivery services must be arranged directly with the feed mill.

Benefits (What You Can Expect)

Quality Product

IFA feed products are always crafted with the highest quality ingredients and must meet our quality assurance standards. Each ingredient used in IFA feeds is assessed for and must meet our strict standards before making it to our feed products.

Safe Product

Safety is of the utmost importance at IFA’s feed mills. Feed orders are carefully sequenced to ensure each product is safe for the species it is intended and mills are thoroughly cleaned according to this strict sequencing.

Proper Nutrition

Feed and ration analysis all play an integral role in providing the best nutrition for desired health and performance of livestock. IFA feed services and products ensure that livestock receive balanced nutrition with quality feed.

Getting Started with Bulk and Custom Feed Orders (Order/Contact Process)

Producers interested in IFA feed and nutrition services will need to contact an IFA Feed Sales Representative to get started. Our knowledgeable and friendly Feed Representatives will then help you by offering feed recommendations or help you get started with custom mix from one of our mills.

Step 1: Contact your IFA Feed Sales representative. Get started by finding an IFA Feed Sales Representativein your area.

Step 2: The Feed Representative will set up a time to visit your operation to learn a little more about your specific needs. The Salesman may ask to take samples of your current on-farm feed resources to be analyzed for nutritional content. From there your Feed Representative may suggest a basic IFA feed or recommend a custom mix.

Step 3: Your IFA Feed Representative will help you order your feed or get started with a custom mix by contacting the feed mill or an in-house nutritionist. If you are ordering a custom mix the nutritionist will analyze your livestock nutrition needs and available feeds and develop a formula for your custom mix.

Step 4: Once your feed order or custom mix has been approved the feed mill will sequence the feed into the schedule. Lead times of 2-3 days are required on all feed orders to allow for proper sequencing. Sequencing is dependent on the types of feeds being milled and is necessary to ensure a safe feed for every producer.

Step 5: Once your feed is ready, you will be contacted by the mill to arrange pickup from the mill or delivery by one of our IFA trucks.