How can IFA's Credit Department help you?

IFA’s credit department is here to help assure you have access to the tools and materials you need to be successful in your growing endeavors. We understand the challenges and fluctuations that arise in the agricultural community, which is why we’re proud to provide a possible credit program for qualifying agricultural purchases. Working with your sales associates, we can help with any questions or concerns that you may have when establishing a new account or credit line.

 Contact [email protected] or 801.908.1233 for Credit Assistance.

Types of IFA Accounts

IFA offers different types of accounts for IFA+ and IFA Co-op Member Account holders.

Cash Account

Having a cash account allows you to be eligible for membership in the Cooperative. A cash account provides an in-depth account history regarding your purchases and payments. We can provide yearly tax use statements and allow your tax exemption to be stored on the account for your purchases.

Revolving Account

In addition to the Cash Account benefits, Revolving Charge Accounts provide Credit Limits up to $20,000.00 upon approval. The payments are based on the balance at the end of each month requiring a minimum of 10% of the balance or $30.00, whichever is greater. The financing fee is 1.5% per month on balances not paid in full on the 20th of each month.

Charge/Credit Account

For our customers we also offer the traditional Charge Account. Credit limits are based on the approval that can accommodate substantial transactions. The payments are due in full the following month. The financing fee is 1.5% per month on balances not paid in full on the 20th of each month.

Financing Options for Farmers & Ranchers

IFA has connected with special Financing partners to offer special programs for our agricultural community. We currently partner with John Deere Financial, Rabo-Ag and Agro Liquid to assist our farmers with their spring and fall fertilizing needs. There are many extended terms financing programs with reduced interest for farmers and ranchers. Please inquire with us at [email protected] or 801-908-1233 and we can find a program that suits your needs.

Apply for an IFA Account

Start your path to Co-op Membership. Apply for an IFA cash, revolving or charge account. Once your account is established, you will automatically be upgraded to a Co-op Member Account if you are an agriculture producer and have met all the membership requirements.