IFA Premium Poultry Scratch, 50 Lb. Bag

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IFA's Premium Poultry Scratch is a whole-grain treat that encourages instinctive scratching and pecking behavior while providing your birds with an energy boost. This natural supplement supports good digestion and over-all gut health, without adding antibiotics or hormones. The whole grains in this tasty poultry snack are blended by animal nutrition experts from locally-sourced grains, including corn, wheat and milo, without added antibiotics or hormones. Start feeding scratch to your chickens once they start laying (usually around 18 weeks old). Scratch is designed to be fed as a treat and should not consist of more than 10% of your flock's diet.

Age Group      :      18 Weeks and Up
Feed Type      :      Scratch
Price      :      $0-25
  • Natural three-way blend of high-quality corn, wheat and milo
  • Encourages natural foraging behavior
  • Recommended as a treat to adult chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys
  • Start feeding scratch to your hens once they start laying (usually around 18 weeks)
  • For optimal poultry health, scratch should not exceed 10% of overall diet