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The Smarty Xtreme is our most dynamic machine yet. This machine is a key tool when it comes to perfecting your timing and puts even the best of ropers to a test each time. Designed by 4X World Champion, Allen Bach, to be as close to a real steer, this machine tackles training at every step, even down to the stride of a live steer. The Smarty Xtreme allows you to get your swing and the stride of your horse in rhythm at multiple speeds. Like the Smarty sled, the LED lights on the back of the legs are a feature that was designed to help heelers see when the legs are at the highest point of the jump and helps keep their eyes on the target, which is one of the key points that this machine has to offer when it comes to mastering your timing. Dallying feels like live cattle with legs that come together when you dally and stretch up to six feet between the tow bar and the legs. It's not just a heeling machine, with the realistic head design and size this is also a headers go to machine. The turn loose horns make it easy to rope with just two people. The durable tires are solid and guaranteed to never go flat. The tires were designed to create a pivoting action that gives you a realistic corner. The Smarty Xtreme comes with a battery and a charger included for the LED light system.

Color      :      Green
Includes      :      Battery and Charger
Price      :      $500 and Up
Weight      :      385 lb