EARTH RATED ERDISP15-SCNT Lavender Scented Leash Dispenser, One-Size

earth rated
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  • Model Number: ERDISP15-SCNT
  • Brand Name: earth rated
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Our unique design features double interior pins to keep bags firmly in place for smooth dispensing, every time. It attaches to any style of leash and has a cap locking mechanism to prevent bags from pop, drop and rolling all over the place. Its durable and can take a licking. Yes, we mean kisses, but also wear and tear. You could say it puts the turd in sturdy. We do. In fact, our dispenser dispenses bags so well, we gave it another job to hold used poop bags so you don't have to. Simply hang your pups poop (bagged, preferably) on the handy hook, enjoy the rest of your walk and toss when you come to a garbage bin.

Includes      :      (15) Lavender Bags
Size      :      One-Size
  • Attaches to any style leash
  • Convenient hook holds used bags
  • Pairs ideally with our refill rolls
  • Durable patented design
  • Locking mechanism safely secures cap
  • Inner pins secure the roll