One Shot Ultra 10009928 Cattle Vaccine, Liquid, Vial

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One Shot Ultra 7 is for vaccination of healthy cattle as an aid in preventing blackleg caused by clostridium chauvoei, malignant edema caused by Cl. septicum, black disease caused by Cl. novyi, gas-gangrene caused by Cl. sordellii, enterotoxemia and enteritis caused by Cl.perfringens types B, C, D and bovine pneumonia caused by mannheimia (pasteurella) haemolytica type A1. Although Cl. perfringens type B is not a significant problem in north America, immunity is provided by the beta toxoid of type C and the epsilon toxoid of type D. The freeze-dried component is a preparation of inactivated whole cultures of M. haemolytica propagated to increase the production of leukotoxin and capsular and cell-associated antigens. The liquid component consists of killed, standardized cultures of Cl. chauvoei, Cl. septicum, Cl. novyi, Cl. sordellii and Cl. perfringens types C and D, with a special, water-soluble adjuvant (Stimugen®) to enhance the immune response.

Compositions      :      Saponin, Aluminum Potassium Sulfate, Formaldehyde, Clostridium Sordellii, Clostridium Novyi, Clostridium Chauvoei, Clostridium Perfringens Type D, Clostridium Septicum, Clostridium Perfringens Type C, Pasteurella Haemolytica
Container Type      :      Vial
Form      :      Liquid
Price      :      $100-$250
  • Helps prevent seven clostridial diseases (including diseases caused by CI. perfringens Types B, C and D), which continue to be of economic importance in cattle
  • Helps protect against the primary cause of respiratory death in cattle, shipping fever and pneumonia caused by Mannheimia haemolytica Type A1
  • Produces leukotoxin and whole-cell antibody responses, helping provide protection needed to withstand Mannheimia haemolytica challenge
  • Contains Stimugen®, a patented, water-soluble adjuvant that enhances the immune response with minimal risk of injection-site reactions
  • No age restrictions on use
  • Subcutaneous (SC) dose is 2 mL followed by a second 2 mL dose of UltraChoice® 8 four to six weeks later
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